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chapters I wrote for edited volumes

Memory in the Bible and Antiquity

My chapter in this book was my first original contribution to academic publishing. (My first official publication was a short article that surveyed several Dead Sea Scroll fragments.) This chapter is titled "Theological Memory Distortion in the Jesus Tradition." This represents my first year of research for my PhD at Durham University. 

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". . . this is a very helpful volume.”
—Ehud Ben Zvi, PhD  (University of Alberta)
Professor of Hebrew Bible

T&T Clark Encyclopedia of Second Temple Judaism

Josh Garroway and I co-authored the entry "Jesus Movement" for this monstrosity.

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"The editors and press are to be commended for creating a work with the ingredients one hopes to find in an encyclopedia: a lengthy list of well-chosen topics that offer both comprehensive and in-depth coverage, and an outstanding, diversified roster of contributors.”
—James VanderKam, PhD  (University of Notre Dame)
John A. O'Brien Professor of Hebrew Scriptures, Emeritus

Jesus among Friends and Enemies

I write the chapter titled, "The Jewish Leadership." This is a great book. I've used in my classrooms for almost ten years.

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"An outstanding teaching resource. Though Jesus and the New Testament Gospels are the primary focus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, non-Christian discussions of Jesus, writings associated with apocalyptic Judaism, and noncanonical Gospel traditions are also addressed, providing readers with a rich store of comparative data."
—Jennifer Wright Knust, PhD (Duke University)
Professor of Religious Studies

The Urban World and the First Christians

I write the first chapter in this book. It's called, "Complicating the Category of Ethnos toward Poliscentrism: A Possible Way Forward within Second Temple Ethnography."

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“This book brings together an excellent collection of New Testament experts and historians to make fruitful inroads into a range of significant issues in the study of the urban context of early Christianity."
—Peter Oakes, DPhil (University of Manchester)
Professor of New Testament

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Theology

I write the entry "David, Son of." This wonderful resource is only $395. Buy two!

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"A triumphant achievement."
Library Journal

Jesus, Quo Vadis?

I team up with Brian LePort to write the chapter, "Triangulating the Baptizer: A Study of John's Various Mnemonic Impacts." FYI Quo Vadis? is Latin for "where are you going?"

I couldn't find a review for this book, so here is a chance to practice your German:
Die bibelexegetischen Methoden, sich mit Jesus von Nazareth auseinanderzusetzen, haben sich in den letzten Jahrzehnten stark ausdifferenziert. „Historische Kritik“, einst mit universitärer Jesusforschung fast gleichgesetzt, hat sich selbst zu einem Methodenstrauß von unterschiedlichen Ansätzen entwickelt. Zusätzlich stehen neben diesen heute gleichberechtigt narratologische, mnemonisch-humanwissenschaftliche, soziologische, kulturanthropologische und andere Zugänge.
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